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Posted by stagpanther:
I wasn't too worried about the justification evidence thing--a guy across the street had recently be shot--and a teenage boy had been ambushed and shot and killed at the end on my block--not to mention other shootings I had seen within 2 blocks of my home. Pretty much an urban war zone.
None of that obviates the need for evidence in a defense of justication by one iota.

In retrospect--the mere fact that in both cases the "trespassers" simply left without any explanation of why they were on my property to begin with kind of tells the story.
It tells absolutely nothing.

Again--it's one of those "you had to be there to make the call" kind of things.
Maybe, but a good general rule is to not even think about presenting a weapon in a case of mere trespass. That can be a real problem if the proper owner had gone forth to confront the trespasser. Legally, the trespasser might well be justified in the use of deadly force in self defense against the property owner.

Funny how in neither case the guys didn't call in a complaint to LE.
Good thing for you, but had someone else witnessed it and assume that you were a felon....
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