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Originally Posted by tmorone
I can't believe they canx'ed the A2 mount, that was something I really liked about the Saker.
Yeah, I don't know if they still intend to make it eventually or not. The problem with designing a silencer that mounts on a standard A2 flash hider is that you usually have to design the baffles with a bigger bore to compensate for mis-alignment, and that makes the silencer louder. Even if you require the user to replace the crush washer, the A2 flash hider isn't as precisely machined as a proprietary QD mount, so it's still more likely to cause the silencer to be slightly out of alignment.

Originally Posted by tmorone
Have you had wobbly 51T mounts?
Oh yeah. In my experience about 3 out of 4 mounts are wobbly straight out of the package. And that's from testing literally hundreds of them; I used to work at an 07/02 and when I sold a 51T AAC can I would often go through our supply of mounts and find one that fit without a wobble.

But after a while I realized this was mostly pointless; the wobble often changes the more you mount and un-mount the can and you put wear on the ratchet system. When I first bought my SDN-6 I found a Blackout mount with zero wobble, but now that I've had it for a while it wobbles a bit. It's not a really big deal, and it tends to go through cycles of being wobbly and then tight as the ratchet system on the can wears along with the teeth on the mount. But you can slow down the wear by pressing the ratchet latch while screwing on the can.

I know a few people who have never had wobble issues at all, but they're in the minority. And the wobble issues seem to be a little more prevalent with the flash hider mounts than the muzzle brake mounts.

Originally Posted by tmorone
Edited to add: is there any gain with the Saker weight? They have been coming out with so much stuff (ie, Hunter) that it's getting hard to keep them all straight. If the weight gave the ability to shoot some higher pressure rounds than the AAC (above 308) it would be much more worth the weight.
The Saker weighs less than an ounce more than the SDN-6, so for all intents and purposes they're the same weight. But the Saker is rated for 300 Win Mag and the SDN-6 isn't, probably because of its stellite baffles, which are stronger than inconel.

Silencerco hasn't come out with any new stuff recently other than the 7.62 Saker and the Harvester (the Hunter is from AAC). But their product line appeared to get bigger because they finally merged the SWR product line into their own: Silencerco has owned SWR for several years, but until late last year they officially kept the product lines separate even though they were both made in the same place.

I love my SDN-6 and I'm totally happy with it. But if I were making the choice now I'd pick the 7.62 Saker: It has several advantages over the SDN-6 without a single disadvantage (unless you count the fact that it weights 0.7 ounces more).
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