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First off- thumbs up for thinking ahead and leaning for a 308 can rather than .223/5.56. My first was an AAC M4-2000 (5.56) and as soon as the stamp came I wished it was capable of 308!

Surefire is fantastic, but way expensive. The silencerco saker's are very nice as are the AAC SDN-6 cans. Personally, I'd go for the AAC for versatility/size/weight. It will mount to any of the fast attach mounts between guns of different calibers and is about 1" longer than the 5.56 can.

Also, be mindful that AAC stuff is "fast ATTACH" but can sometimes be a pain to remove. The saker's have sever different mounting options that can save you money and make the more expensive can worth it. I have AAC mounts on all my guns and at ~$100 a pop it gets expensive. Their brakes and flash hiders are excellent but it's a cost that can sting. Cool thing with sakers is you can do the standard "A2" mount, and if you want some sort of brake/FH the battlecomp is available. Gives you range from $5-150 rather than the required AAC ratchet mount.
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