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YHM makes good stuff, but -- in my opinion -- the best bang-for-your-buck BY FAR is the Silencerco Specwar 7.62. It's super-quiet, it has a rock-solid mounting system (many other quick-attach mounting systems have some play), it comes with a mount, and the baffles are made from stellite, which is stronger than any material used by any other company (even stronger than inconel), and it's even rated for 300 Win Mag.

The only real downside of the Specwar is it's longer (and therefore heavier) than most quick-attach 7.62 silencers. For some people that's a downside, and that's why they look to other models. But if size and weight don't matter, the Specwar is definitely the way to go. And the extra length is what makes it quieter than most other 7.62 suppressors. And best of all, it's fairly cheap; MSRP is $899 but you should be able to find it for less than that; has them for $720, mount included.
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