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A question about a possible situation you might find yourself in when you defend yourself: This is related to my topic because remember, not all people die when you pull the trigger.

Your life is in danger and you choose to pull the trigger. Now the threat is neutralized....but now lying on the ground bleeding all over and still alive. You are looking this person in the face and they may be talking to you begging for help or mercy, but they are no longer a threat to you. What would you do? Would you holster your weapon and give them aid, put pressure on the wound or wrap a tourniquet on them? Would you double tap them and kill a non-combatant? Would you keep your muzzle on them and call the police and let them save their life?

If I just shot someone in my home and they are not dead, I tend to fall back on my rules of engagement training and treat that person now as a non-combatant and a patient. We get taught that when you shoot the enemy and they are still alive, you do not double tap them or mercy kill, you disarm them and render aid. This is a safety issue in your own home or out in public with your CCW because if the person was armed and you shot them, they may still be a threat to you. So if they had a gun and you shot them first and they are alive, do you shoot them again if they are still holding the gun? Do you yell at them to drop the weapon or tell them to safely slide the weapon away from them? If they have just a bat or a knife would that change the situation?

But what about civilians, is there some sort of good Samaritan law about SD? Can you get sued or criminally held accountable if you shot someone and didn't provide them with aid after they were no longer a threat? Lawyers can be very clever in painting a picture in courtrooms that you were maliciously watching a person bleed to death and not offering any aid I'm sure.
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