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I'm going to put this little fictional anecdote in here:
Guy CC's into show with a beautiful Colt Series 70 in an IWB.
Guy visits table, talks to table attendant.
Other guy asks table attendant if he has an Colt Series 70.
Guy says "I have one, I really like it."
Other guy makes an offer and asks to see it.
Guy takes loaded gun out of holster, racks slide, removes magazine.
Other guy looks gun over, checks the chamber, as all gun enthusiast should always do, .45ACP round flies out.
Guy has egg on face.

Now, imagine if the bolded part didn't take place. There's one reason, just to pile on top of all other reasons mentioned in prior posts.
-liberal gun nut = exception to the rule-
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-Gun control was the Klan's favorite law, how can you advocate a set of laws designed to allow the denigration of a people?-
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