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I wrote the above post and hit submit. Immediately the screen appeared about being "timed out".
I wanted to see if my post made it to the thread so:
- I went back and refreshed the thread - no post.
- I went back out to the forum list, returned to the thread - no post.
- I refreshed the thread again(!) - no post.
- I went back to the forum list again, returned to the thread (in a "new window"), and there was my post.

Perhaps my computer is trying to "help" me by keeping the thread in RAM and refusing to "refresh" when so directed.

(Perhaps I will drive a wooden stake through its little processor heart!!)


1) Once you, I, we, any of us, hit "Submit" one time, let's assume (yeah... I know...) the post is submitted - even if we can't find it or get "timed out" screens, etc.

2) I believe Rich is working hard to find and repair our current problems. Please bear with us.

Again, Terri, my poorly written post was meant for those who had not yet discovered this current problem. Sorry I inadvertently wrote it so it seemed to be directed toward you.

Now let's see. Hammer, check. Wooden stake, check. Now if I can just get this cover off......
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