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The NRA website has information on standards for building a shooting range.

There are a lot more things to creating a range than just having the land and 12-foot berms.
  • Access - can people get to it? Is it safe to drive to in bad weather?
  • Liability insurance - is a must
  • Water Table - how deep is the water table there? And what kind of geological structure is the land on? This will be part of a review to make sure expended lead rounds don't pollute ground water.
  • Neighbors - if people live about a mile away, they may object to the sound of constant or sporadic gunfire, depending on acoustics in the area.
  • Structures - You'll need at least one enclosed structure for the range staff and to let people get out of cold/damp/wet weather.
  • Power - how much will it cost to string electric power to the location?
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