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I have done several VR shooting ranges and while they are a heck of a lot of fun and do indeed trick your brain, at least with Handguns, at some level to think you have a firearm they simply cannot be used as a training aid IMO unless some type of controller, controller add on to a firearm or hand tracking using a real / sim firearms can be implemented.

Now certain things can be shown a new shooter. This is how the slide will recoil, here is a mag release, slide lock etc. etc. but beyond fun not much actual training.

All that said that is not me POO POO ING this. As I said WICKED FUN especially for us gun guys.

Fun story is was playing, I think VR shooting gallery on Quest. I had a Beretta 92 and I did an overhand slingshot of the slide and click..........I HAD SWEPT THE SAFETY DOWN!!! I thought that was pretty cool.
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