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Originally Posted by dahermit View Post
Having searched on the M1 Carbine and fail to return to battery, I found that there has been a history of Carbines not liking grease. So, I removed all the G.I. surplus grease I and lubed the rails, etc., with and replaced it with CLP. I took the Carbine out to my shooting bench (inside a yard barn), and shot 25 rounds. Seems that I do not really need a new recoil spring...just replacing the G.I. grease with CLP oil solved the problem. Full function restored.

As an aside, I did an internet search on the magazine codes I have on my ten 15-round and my one 30 Round magazine. Seems they all are U.S.G.I. by several different makers. And wow! The price of those things now! It is a good thing I have enough...I could not afford to buy real U.S.G.I. mags now.
Would consider replacing the recoil spring and cleaning the gas system on any WW2 carbine as matter of principle. Being able to function may not be the same as fully functioning, even when cold and dirty.
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