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I find having a peg board behind my press invaluable for keeping my tools within easy reach. Also after noticing that my cleaning patches hang perfectly like they do on the store rack, I started taking zip-locks and using a hole punch to hang miscellaneous items I seem to always need.

Bolt your bench to the wall and/or floor. It really helps to get a consistent pull on your press.

One other small tip that may be of use is a "magnetic parts tray" ~4 dollars from harbor freight. I just drilled a wood screw flush with the bench top and now when I'm doing a detail strip and am worried about losing springs and such, I just stick the parts tray on the screw and drop all the small parts into magnetic bowl. Voila, no more missing parts on reassembly. When I'm done using it, I just pull it off and stick it back on the bolt I put on my peg board.

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