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Jeff2131- Your bins?. How are you mounting them?. I have tried wood and metal shelving but they all start to bend with the weight over time. I have now gone to plastic storage bin's with covers that sit on the floor under my cleaning table. I do drop desiccant packs in with them. I also have lots of brass and that is my biggest storage issue. I keep them seperated into 2 different groups
1- fired brass
2- finished brass
But I have so much. I have to stack on floor as I said for weight problems. I have maybe 10,000 - 223, 12,000-45's. and around 60 lbs of 9MM (Don't even own one ) yet. My 308,243,22-250 and 6BR,Maybe 500 of each.
The bin thing sounds like an idea I should look at

Or Maybe I should look at my Pack Ratting Issue I have first
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