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I wish I had 9'x13'. Heh actually, I get by just fine. My humble loading bench is out in the two-car garage (with two cars in it), and it's small - something close to 31"x46" My brass sits on shelves above. Ammo holders are also on a shelf in the garage. My bullets, powder, primers, & loaded ammo are in the house.

No matter how much room I had, I'd always keep the powder in separate room. It's works with one of my safety rules: only have one powder at the bench at a time.

I made my load bench when I first got started (1984) - after about a month of working on an old picnic table. Amazingly - even in my youth (almost 22) - I managed to design a very ergonomic little unit. To this day I'm still kind of impressed. Cuz I wasn't known for thinking things through back then Point is, with the bench itself, I don't need a "do-over." My only wish is that it was big enough to mount a progressive to it; and that's not going to happen (nor am I even sure that going progressive is right for me - but that's a whole 'nuther post.)

Now that I rambled on, and you mention wiring, here's my one suggestion: Lighting. Good lighting. Both fluorescent and incandescent. Fluorescent for your primary light source - nice color spectrum (use cool white), etc. And incandescent to "blend out" the eye-fatiguing strobe that is given off by fluorescents (but is imperceptable). You'll be in there for long periods of time. You don't need eye strain.

You'll also want enough current capacity on the circuit to run a shop-vac, tumbler, and whatever other appliances.
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