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Hornady TAP 9mm 147gr Ballistics Gel Test

Loaded up some Hornady TAP 147gr 9mm JHP rounds, brought out the Clear Ballistics gel (calibrated to manufacturors specs), grabbed my SIG P6 (3.9'' barrel), and the video camera and here's what I found.

Chrono Data:

-971 fps, 308 ft/lbs energy


-20.5'' penetration

As you'll see in the video below, the round failed to expand but did tumble in the block.

147gr Hornady TAP Gel Test HD Video Link

The manufacture of the gel block, Clear Ballistics, claims their gel meets FBI specs for testing. I calibrate my gel per their specs prior to testing and use 4 layers of denim per IWBA protocol.

However, by no means am I saying this test is a substitute for the great work industry professionals like Dr. Roberts and others do. I'm just a shooter that likes to learn about the products I use.
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