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Who has the best quality representative of the original AK47?

I was wondering who would be considered the best manufacturer in terms of producing a quality AK47.

My research has led me to believe Arsenal is of course the premier vendor, along with VEPR amongst the top tier Kalashnikov family of fire arms manufactureres. However I'd like to know if there are other ones.

I'm doing my homework right now and just gathering information, but essentially, I'd like to find an AK47 with the slant cut flash suppressor and wooden furniture like the way Mikhail Kalashnikov originally designed the rifle.

The closest thing I've found so far is the Arsenal SA M-7 Classic that goes for about two grand or more.

Other examples I've seen are of heavily modified VEPR rifles (Which in the hands of a quality smith, are quite impressive according to reviews)

Is there anyone else I should consider? I know for custom AK style rifles, Krebs also makes some superb firearms if we were to go into having rifles built by a talanted and skilled smith.

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