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I have actually shot a lot of pigs with that 220 and the 55 gr Ballistic Tip, but only at relatively short ranges. When we bought this little ranch I was blasting a lot of coyotes and only the occasional pig. Now the pigs are numerous and the coyotes are harder to find. And when I find the darn pigs, they are never where I expect them to show up. Anyway, my trusty old 220 just isn't enough gun. I considered doing some 22 caliber bullet swapping and going to the 40 grain varmint bullets in the 223 and moving today's 223 bullet, which is the 65 grain Sierra Gameking, over to the Swift. That would improve the Swift performance on the pigs, but I don't think it would get me what I want. It'd be nice to have a 257 AI, but I do have that 260 and about 80 rounds of loaded Nosler 120 gr Ballistic Tips and another 50 or so bullets still in the box. I'm going to shoot those up and then maybe switch to the 100 grain Ballistic Tips. Or...I might just get some more cases and find me a 100 grain load and put together some just for pigs and coyotes and save the 120 grainers for deer season (but I won't ever need that many bullets for deer). Whatever happens over the long term, what is going to happen in the short term is that I'm going to do some 200, 300, and 350 yard shooting with the 260 and the 120 grain bullets to be absolutely sure of the drop that'll have to be compensated for. I've got that Burris scope on it with the BDC dots. I'll just go ahead and do my homework until I'm solid gold to 350 or so. I'm capable to 300+ already with that rifle, but I just don't yet have the same confident warm fuzzy feeling that I have on shots that far out with my 270. But, I'm retired. I've got time and bullets and gunpowder. And I've got pigs. And thanks for your comments.
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