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Well...I already admitted that I was using the wrong bullet. When I shoot a pig, I want to see a dead pig, and that's not happening. I have some 65 grain Sierra GK's and some 55 gr Sierra GK's and half a box of 60 gr Partitions, but I'm just going to get the 260 back out. As for my not really being run over by pigs, that's true, but there were about 10 of them and the one I shot was the closest big one. And somebody made a good point about maybe the bullet wasn't in the lungs. It's possible that the bullet didn't make it that deep, but more probable that the bullet got that deep but no way it exited. So no blood trail. I think what I'll do about this depressing situation is that I'll load up some 100 grain bullets to around 3000 (if I can) and go with that till next deer season. I've killed pigs at 390 and a coyote at 356 with that stumpy barreled little gun, using the 120 grain bullets, but I'd like a faster flatter bullet. I'll have to pick one, but I'm thinking Sierra GK. If I can get the 100 grainers to about 3000, that'll put me on about the same trajectory (give or take an inch or two) as the 65 grain Sierras in the 223 and the 130 grain Noslers in the 270 out to 300 and 400 yards. I like that because I won't have to do much heavy thinking on trajectories if they all shoot about the same. Now I'll have to do some thinking on which powder is best to get me to 3000 fps accurately in that short barrel and with the 100 grain Sierra. I've got 3031, 4064, H335 and Varget, and I've heard good things about Reloader 17 in this caliber, but haven't bought any yet.

Of course I could just drag out the 270, but that's too easy and wouldn't give me any excuse to work on this.
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