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On 09-27-2011, in the consolidated case, NSSF v. Melson, the Brady center filed an amicus brief. In this brief, the Brady's tout the (now) overused phrase and stats on how arms trafficking are the clear result of lax gun laws and lax FFL's when dealing with straw purchases. Nary a word of Project Gunrunner and/or Operation Fast and Furious. Surprised?

After some reflection, I'm left wondering why they (Brady Campaign) opened this door. Surely they have to know that should the plaintiffs attack this amicus brief, it will possibly affect the entire Obama administration. Don't They? While we all know that they are getting really desperate in their anti-gun arguments, are they really that stupid?

Well, the first shot has been volleyed. Earlier, the ATF submitted its administrative record on how they determined that arms were being trafficked into Mexico (Docket items 22.0 - 22.7). Then the ATF filed its MSJ and supporting docs.

The NSSF is now requesting an expedited discovery to ascertain exactly what trace data the ATF relied upon. The NSSF has already determined that some of the data belong to long arms not in the ATF new regulations. Heck, some of the data is not even from the 4 States affected by the regulations.

Wanna bet a substantial portion of these traces were from F&F?

I'm gonna shut up now. Any more speculation would just make me sound crazy! The Docket is here, if you want to wade your way through some of it.
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