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Two more cases (as reported in the NRA-ILA Legal Update - this thread).

We have Ron Peterson Firearms, LLC v. Melson. Filed in the US District Court of New Mexico. Docket is here.

Also, there is 10 Ring Precision, Inc. v. Melson. Filed in the Western District of Texas. That docket is here.

These two cases are identical to the J&G SALES, LTD. et al v. MELSON case.

The Government isn't dumb. Look at the Peterson docket and pay particular attention to docket entry #8. While I haven't updated the dockets for the first two cases, I have no reason to doubt what the government plans on doing.

Docket entry #8 is a motion to move these two case to the District of Columbia. Same district court as the first two cases (upthread). They have every reason to do this and I suspect the New Mexico and Texas district courts will agree.

What will happen as soon as the two Judges agree, and they will, is that the Feds will then move to consolidate all 4 cases as related, and they are. That move will likely be granted.

The NRA should have seen this.

While the first two cases in D.C. (one by the NRA and one by the NSSF) might have survived separately, by filing 2 more identical cases, they have sealed their own (and the NSSF's) fate.

Bad Strategy and Bad Tactics.
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