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"......... bears when camping in the Rockies (but that's a different story altogether and not your normal carry)."

But that IS my normal carry.

Actually, it depends on where I am at the moment, but bears are possible about anywhere around here.

Keys, extra set of keys, Swiss army knife, small locking folder, ear plugs, wallet, checkbook, Leatherman, Surefire E2E in Carhartt leg pocket.

Daily dog walks not up on the mountain, Smith Model 24, single speedloader in belt case, or Ruger 45 Colt SA, 6 rounds in pocket, and Winchester 94 carbine, cartridge belt w/ 25 rounds carbine loads, 4 or 5 small game/snake loads in my pocket, Randall knife, dog rope.

Camping/hiking up on the mountain, 45-70 Browning lever gun, 45 Colt Ruger SA.
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