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"Try 870 magnum in google before you act like you know what your talking about."


Serial numbers on 870 receivers that left the factory set up for 3" shells end in M. There may be no indications that a receiver has been modified to handle 3" shells.

Police guns are built on a different line, with a few heavier parts/springs and a bit better finishing than the usual run of the mill. They usually cost more as a result when bought new than Wingmasters and certainly more than Express guns.

It shouldn't be difficult to swap out the wood furniture for synthetic, tons of it are sold on eBay. And there are several of aftermarket manufacturers also- Speedfeed, Hogue etc. Just be sure it's for the same gauge. Receivers on some 870s of smaller gauge are a different size.

Barrels? There IS no 'standard' for barrels on 870 magnum receivers except they have 3" chambers, there are all sorts of 870 barrels available, with sights, without sights, beads, vent ribs, you name it, fixed chokes, choke tubes, you name it, matte blue, bright blue, parkerized or electroless nickle (for the Marine Magnum). And if you can't find what you want from the factory there are a whole host of custom barrelsmiths out there just waiting to improve on the factory product for you- Briley, Nu-line, Colonial etc.

Tell your friend to worry more about learning to use his new used gun and less about the gun itself, to go shoot the dang thing and not worry about changing stuff on it so much. It's an 870, it'll easily outlast him if he takes care of it. He needs to make sure it fits him properly and then start racking up trigger time with it, and it's easier to adjust wooden stocks than it is synthetics in most cases, if the stock needs tweaking. Only way to find out if the stock fits properly is to shoot the gun it's attached to.

What, still sitting in front of the computer reading? GO SHOOTING! 8^)

And be safe above all else,

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