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Technically, there IS no "870 Magnum" model Remington.

Remington makes the Wingmaster, the Express, and the Police models.
For the last 15 to 20 years virtually ALL Remington 870's are Magnum guns, so we have the Wingmaster Magnum, the Express Magnum, and the Police Magnum models.

This means that currently ALL Express, and Police guns are Magnums, which means that they will shoot the 3" Magnum shells, in addition to the standard 2 3/4" shells.

There are differences between the Express and Police models, but in your friends case, this is of little importance.

All Remington 870's in 12 gauge use the same stock design, and they all interchange. So, you friend can pick up any synthetic stock set that's made for a Remington 870, and it will fit perfectly.

He will need a special wrench to change out the forearm. There's a round nut inside the front of the forearm that has to be unscrewed, and this requires a special "spanner" tool to unscrew it.
You can make one fairly easily.

You can find used synthetic stock sets by advertising on gun forum "For Sale" areas, or by looking on Ebay.

The 20" barrel is not standard on the Express models. Usually they are either longer sporting length, or 18" inch defense length.
You might tell him to measure the barrel properly to be sure what he has.
To do this, CLOSE THE ACTION, then put a rod or dowel done the bore, mark it at the muzzle, then measure the rod to find the true length.
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