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Should I have suspected that a casual acquaintance who showed up at my door a bit after the holiday season to say hello might be in the middle of a possibly dangerous psychotic break? I guess that maybe I should have caught on earlier.
Perhaps not but who in the heck invites people into their home who they barely know and then proceed to start showing them guns. Dude.. I think you already realize that you messed up in a big way. You need to get a handle on your seemingly laxed sense of security and forethought.

I tell people all the time that answering the door with a gun is not a pass to make a poor decision. A gun is not a talisman and just because you have a gun does not mean that a crafty criminal cant get the better of you.

If I am not close friends with someone, they do not enter my home and if I am not expecting you.. I am not likely to answer the door at all. Not answering the door is the same as not answering a phone call, its no big deal. I simply do not understand why people seem to have a sense of urgency about finding out why someone is knocking at the door. I have stood in full view of some yahoo knocking at my door. I finished making my sandwich in the kitchen and walked back to the den. I never gave it a second thought and I don't care that the knows I was ignoring him. I never saw him again

Personal safety and politeness are not good bedfellows
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