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“A coward thinks he will ever live,
If warfare he avoids;
But old age will give him no peace,
Though spears may spare him.” - Havamal - Thorpe translation

We cannot live this life in a manner that leaves us forever safe. Around here someone knocking on the door is cause for alarm (my closest neighbor is over a 1/4 mile away). It is also cause for concern. The person knocking on your door is far more likely to be seeking help than he or she is seeking to do you harm especially in the case of an acquaintance. You cannot simply lock your door to the outside world and hide safely in your fortress. You must accept not doing so has risk. You train and prepare yourself to meet the risks that may arise and you accept that it is possible you will do everything you can and still find yourself short.

"You should have stayed behind locked doors" does not make the world a better place.
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