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Manta 49, Never been approached in traffic stop in WI, USA with a gun drawn. Hand on pistol by LEO in holster only, accepatable to me. I expect that. But Wisconsin is more liberal and rural for the most part unless in the SE corner of the state, ie.Milwaukee,Racine, Kenosha corridor. Hence with only WI CCW, you are more restricted. Most CCW's here do the Utah CCW course which is more nationally accepted than a WI CCW. If I understand as a CCW licensee I'm very limited. Wisconsin, Michigan and very few other states. I cannot carry on body in neighboring states like Illinois and Minnesota if my understanding is correct. It concerns me not as my CCW is required to carrier anything in State and National Forests in the Wiscsonsin and Michigan. Should qualify that I do not travel much if at all out of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan or upper Minnesota (a far cry from the burbs of the cities of minneapolis/st paul).....No need to expand as everything I want is in these three states. However north of Duluth Minnesota is some of the most gorgeous of God's country and I fear not the need to conceal. It's all about long rifle and game hunting....No devious self serving motivated individuals that I encounter.
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