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Pretty close to worst possible outcome to what should have been a routine stop.

I have developed the habit of transferring my small pocket wallet, which contains my essential licenses, from my left front pocket to my shirt pocket when I get behind the wheel. It stays there until the officer asks for the pertinent items (insurance info is overhead in the sun visor).

Slow and calm responses with hands on wheel and clearly visible is then pretty much the order of business.

Despite this, I have been frightened by two different LEO encounters in the past couple of years, one of them, I am convinced, was purposeful intimidation by the officer involved.

I serve as consultant to a couple of local law-enforcement agencies. I plan to call the chief deputy of my county Sheriff’s department and recommend the department sponsor a clinic for LTC (formerly CHL) holders concerning interactions with LEO. I believe such a clinic will serve to sensitize and educate both LTC holders and Sheriff’s department LEOs.
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