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New Taurus revolver timing/cylinder problem?

Using the very informative procedures previously detailed by Mr. March I evaluated a brand new unfired Taurus 608 that I just purchased. This is what I found:

Barrell/cylinder gap: .002 feeler gauge slid in easily, .003 would not go in at all.

Timing: Using a Scorpion lithium flashlight pointed at the rear of the cylinder and looking looking down the (unloaded) barrell I was concerned to see a "black crescent-shaped sliver going from 12 o'clock clockwise to 6 o'clock on all eight cylinders. Three of the eight cylinders were a little more pronounced than others. It is enough to see that the cylinder is not alligned exactly.

Forcing cone: Nice and round/clean

Cylinder play: While depressing the trigger rearward with the hammer released forward, five of the eight were rock solid but three had a noticable movement to the point where you could make a noticable sound while moving the cylinder. There was no forward/aft movement of cylinder.

Trigger: Using snap caps the trigger seemed fine but this is my first revolver and I don't have much to compare it with (other than the M10 .38 issued to me in the Army more than 10 years ago)

Should I be concerned with the timing and cylinder play? I would really like to hear from someone. Thanks
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