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I too put off getting one for a while. First run guns were getting upwards of 350.00 over MSRP, Way out of reach on my retired fixed income.

I "back burnered" my purchase dreams. Several years later, I ran across this Gen 2. It was offered ANIB for $300. It was obviously used, skinned up bolt and very dirty bore, but otherwise intact. At the same show, NIB dealer guns were bringing $440 +(not many takers)

We did the dance, after a while, we settled at $240.00 and he threw in a couple of boxes of cheap, import, range food. (Seemed about right for a used one)

Just more proof to the adage: All things come to he who waits. (as long as he's bustin' his azz while he waits)

Yep, the trigger and spring kit I ordered is Mcarbo, they have a bunch of interesting stuff. (patience grasshopper) I have a couple of used holo sights in the possibles box, just have to fabricobble up a QD mount. Around here, that Sig is kinda pricy, I'll likely start with a used Pro-Point. (big and klunky looking, but should work well to start)

I walked 2 shows today and couldn't find a usable muzzle brake in 9mm.

I guess I will end up drilling out one of my .22 caliber brakes or carving out one in the shop. Da Bay might be worth a look later tonight.

Keep them cards and letters coming, boys and girls...

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