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New to me keltec sub 2K 9mm gen 2

I just picked up a Sub 2K, at a steal price. Just couldn't resist, It was sold as NIB but that became a good bargining point, it obviously was not. One range trip, and a "detail strip" bath has me sold on the virtues of this one as a truck / SHTF gun.

It shoots reliably, 2 MOA @ 50 yards, ate everything I threw at it. (including my 115/147 Gr. handloads,) Fast cycle / lock time.

Down checks,

trigger is heavy and mushey (already ordered an aluminum trigger and spring kit)

Bolt handle effort seems too heavy / sticky don't know why. Easy fix? has anybody tried the 2 finger bolt handle? good, bad, indifferent?

Recoil is sharp, bolt tube/body smacks my cheekbone, annoying, not a show stopper. Can anybody recommend an effective muzzle brake ?

Iron sights and my old eyes are not gonna get on too well, will somebody recommend a small red dot/QD that works for you? (I know it must be removed to use the folding feature. thus the QD, NBD to me)

I'm pretty sure, with a little help, this one's gonna grow on me, it's just too much fun not to plink with it...

Let the games begin.

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