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It is currently considered a handgun. At first it wasn't, then SIG got the BATF to say it was, then the BATF changed their mind and said it wasn't (well it sort of wasn't), now it is again. Maybe it will always be considered a pistol from now on, maybe the BATF will change its mind again.
Agree this can change instantly, and something that needs consideration. With advancing age, am trying to accommodate decreasing skill with a pistol. The short ar style in pistol calibers with braces have appeal, reliability, economy and are easy to shoot accurately. Since they are pistols, they meet they can be legally concealed where the law allows. And they come in 45 acp.

Also have registered sbr in 223 with more power and range, but loud, longer and more expensive to practice with than pistol caliber.

If the interpretation changes, will go to effort to put a "stock" on the pistol and stamp it.

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