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DirtyHarold, The Federal 158 has been my most used factory 357 load for years. It seems very average compared to similar Remington and Winchester 158 I've used. Chronographed velocities with the Federal have been in the neighborhood of the 1240 FPS Federal publishes. I don't have a 3" .357, but I retested it in Dec. of '18 in two 4" revolvers. Velocities with different guns vary, but FWIW this is what the Federal averaged in a couple of my guns....

4" Colt averaged 1220 FPS

4" S&W averaged 1267 FPS.

My thoughts on what you report are along the same lines as rodfac's. 3MM being nearly .120", and "above the rim of the case" is a LOT, especially for a revolver. I would closely inspect all chambers to determine if any appear out of round, or for any other anomaly.

ETA, Just recalled that some years ago we tested the Federal 158 in an acquaintance's 3" S&W revolver. Found the notes; it averaged 1134 FPS in the 3" gun. I realize it might very well be your 3" gun produces higher velocities with the same ammo. I've seen all kinds of unexpected results in chronographing...
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