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Here is a link to some more info. I added some info above in my post, but this link is probably better:

I love my AR pistol. I have a Spikes Tactical 8.1 inch barrel. Even before I had the brace I put it up to my shoulder with just the tube and it fires just fine. The brace is a little more comfortable. Out to 250 yards, it is the same as shooting a 16 inch AR... I didn't set up targets past that but I'm sure it would do fine at 300.

The flip up sights are ok... I prefer the more sturdy standard front sight post for reflexive fire only cause that is what I am used to, but the difference is minimal.

I use the Lower 1/3 Cowitness with my red dot. I find it more comfortable than the Absolute Cowitness.

The model you are looking at getting is a great model. You'll be mad at yourself for taking so long to get one. lol
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