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I will add one thing, don't get your legal advice from the cops. They aren't lawyers, and aren't trained to be.

You can take their word for what they are trained to look for and how they will respond when they see it, but not on what the law actually is.

They might know, but don't count on it, particularly if it deals with some technical rulings.


friend of mine has an antique motorcycle. Registered antique. (1940 Indian, sweet bike) and the state law does not require him to wear a helmet when riding it. He carries a copy of the law with him, when he rides.

He gets stopped, fairly often, for not wearing a helmet. He shows the officer the law. He says this gets him out of tickets about HALF the time. About half the time, the cop reads the law and says, "hmm, didn't know that, have a nice day". The other half the time, the cop says "you may be right, if so, the judge will throw it out. Here's your ticket, have a nice day".

Every ticket has been thrown out, but it doesn't stop him from getting them.
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