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I have not seen any reports that he was convicted of any felonies. If you know of any credible reports stating such, I would appreciate your posting them.
The man who opened fire in a Texas church on Sunday, killing two before being shot dead by parishioners, was identified as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, a convicted felon who, under federal law, could not legally own a gun.

Online court records show Kinnunen pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault and battery in a Grady County, Oklahoma court on August 15, 2013.

Kinnunen pled guilty to felony third-degree arson, also on August 15, 2013, according to court records.
As to his "documented mental health issues" -- the prohibiting factor under federal law is that a person must have been adjudicated (that means a ruling by a judge pursuant to a hearing) as mentally defective. Absent a court hearing with such a ruling, his "documented mental health issues" don't mean anything. Was he ever adjudicated as mentally defective?
In 2012 the perp was declared incompetent to stand trial by an OK judge who ordered him into treatment.

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