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Richard White was the man who stood up and drew against the shooter. He was the first man shot and was a member of the security team. I certainly commend him for his bravery--drawing while looking at the muzzle of a shotgun took a lot of guts. Unfortunately he had to clear two cover garments to make his draw, and that slowed his draw considerably and perhaps cost him his life. It also appears that he was carrying his gun SOB which may have accounted for why he stood to draw.
You and I had conversed elsewhere that White had a 4 second draw and as you note, that may have cost him his life.

Turns out, Wilson's draw was EVEN SLOWER. In watching the video over and over, White and Wilson are reaching for their guns (elbows cocked) at nearly the same time. This is after White stands up to start his drawn. For what looks like the better part of 2 seconds, Wilson has his hand on his gun, elbow cocked, and NOT drawing. In watching the video several times, it seems that Wilson is having trouble getting the gun from the holster. During that time, White pulls his hand from his holster (with gun?) and is bring his arm up when he is shot, everyone flinches downward in the room, and the gunman shoots the second person (most immediate threat to him), as Wilson manages to clear the holster and then fire on target.
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