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“The love of money is the root of all evil”... or something like that right? I highly doubt you will be able to buy any firearm without supporting a manufacturer, importer, distributer, etc that prioritizes their profits above their values. I would make the same bet if you were buying a set of wrenches.

I Have not read this book, but my question is: Have you researched the claims yourself, verified them from multiple independent sources?

I can only think of one firearms designer who didn’t make weapons for profit. His sole motivation was to provide a better weapon for his fellow soldiers and his country. His weapons have an even better reputation for reliability than Glocks. He was a soldier, a patriot, and even a poet. His only connection to the Nazi party was when he fought against them in WW2. He is no longer alive, but you can still support his memory by buying an AK-47.
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