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This really does not have to be different than having a preference for "Made in USA."

Glock is, if nothing else, un-American. Does that matter, and if so, why? We all buy some things that are un-American. Do you desire your gun to have certain attributes of what you consider to be virtue, or do you only care about features and function? There isn't a "correct" choice. This is just a matter of preference.

It is fair to say that we can find faults in any nation, in any gun company, and in any owner, executive, director or inventor. I am not interested in glorifying any person, any nation, or any material thing, so I'll just leave it at that.

Are there functionally excellent alternatives to Glock? Absolutely. I personally appreciate full-size or compact guns with reflex sights, and would suggest an optics-ready CZ P10 F or C as a similar-cost alternative. I like the M&P 2.0 even better, but since S&W has not made the C.O.R.E. version widely-available, Ed Brown has done it for us in their Fusion line of pistols, a very nice package indeed. If you prefer a subcompact single-stack, Kahr and SIG are USA-made.

Again, can we say these are more morally virtuous? I wouldn't attempt it. CZ was around for a long time before they were occupied by the Soviets. There is a lot of history there. Should we fault it for any of their mistakes in all the past or just what they are now? The CZ75 is a communist design that a rip-off of the Nazi P-38. The P10 is just a glock-a-like. S&W is most often begrudged for their compromise on gun control when the brand was run by the British company Tomkins. That's probably because most people have forgotten the time they ripped-off Colt's designs. They were bought out by an American company, and have not since similarly compromised to my knowledge, on the gun control thing. They did rip-off Colt again, twice (AR-15 and 1911), but who doesn't these days? (it's perfectly legal) What about Ed Brown? Should we fault them for sourcing some parts and design from S&W even though they add more value to the pistol than the cost of the base M&P? What about Kahr? I think they're wonderful pistols with a terrific trigger. Should we fault Justin Moon because his dad was a religious nut-case that believed he was messiah and the savior of the world? If we're really going to get down to it, John Moses Browning was a polygamist follower of the teachings of Joseph Smith who would make Gaston Glock blush. Browning's short-recoil action is in most every centerfire semi-automatic pistol made today.

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