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I'm certainly NOT rich, and I don't have any privilege of being a person of color, in fact, I'm very white and of Irish ancestry, but I have recognized certain firearms that have now proven to be a pretty dam good investment, even at this point in time.
We live in the boondocks of Northwestern Wisconsin surrounded by 360 acres of timber. Not too far away, over in the Blue Hills, BIGFOOT tracks have been spotted. We also have a growing population of re-introduced 'timber wolves', that have been known to frequently eat poodles for lunch in folks back yards. There are also some black critters that have absolutely no respect for peoples property:

So, if we try to enlist any sort of aid from the Wisconsin DNR, all they suggest is that we get air-horns to scare some of our visitors off. Sure.
I do have a range out back of my shop where I and my customers shoot with impunity from most anyone:


So, to protect our empire, we need to be prepared.
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