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Larue vs American Defense

I'm looking for an upgraded scope mount for my SCAR 17. That platform will beat the crap out of scopes and I understand you need a good scope mount (and good scope) to be able to take the abuse. I currently have a GG&G QD scope mount, which isn't bad by any means. I just want to upgrade to a little better QD mount to REALLY put my mind at ease. Right now I'm looking at the LaRue QD mount or the American Defense Delta QD mount. Price is about the same.

In the past, many SCAR owners say "LaRue or nothing!". Another good point is the LaRue is almost 3oz lighter. However, American Defense makes the Atlas bipod that I like a lot too. Their website say their Delta mount is designed for the SCAR in mind. Anybody have experience with them?

EDIT: Disregard the question (forum staff can delete post if you want). As I'm thinking about it, just the fact the LaRue is 3 oz lighter is a winning aspect for me. My SCAR isn't just a bench gun and an additional 3 oz isn't what I want on a rifle I plan on carrying around (I use it for hunting as well as recreational shooting). The LaRue has had a great reputation for withstanding the SCAR abuse since it came out, so I'll stick with the track record.

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