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Is this an:

AR pistol caliber carbine with a real "bolt"?

Polymer 80% pistol? - in which case we're referring to the breech face of the slide as being the bolt?

If this is a pistol, is there a chance that you've used a wrong upper parts kit and installed an extractor for a smaller caliber? - or perhaps an aftermarket extractor that's not to spec? It could also be the milling of the slide affecting how the extractor sits in the slide and what angle it presents itself. I once had a Spinta Precision slide that wasn't milled out completely near the breech face so I filed the corner of the barrel down to fit.

You could try a new factory extractor if that's the problem.

It might be helpful to know which parts are Glock factory parts, and which are aftermarket. Upper parts kit, barrel, slide, frame....
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