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Just checked some .410 slugs I have, and the 3" Winchester says it does 1800fps.

Remington 2.5" doesn't give velocity but shows a trajectory chart and it drops 8.2 inches at 100 yards.

Range will be what distance you and your gun shooting slugs will hold a decent group. A 6" group, centered around the point of aim means each shot is 3" or less from the point of aim. If that's enough to stay in the vital area of your target, it should do fine. A 4" group would be better yet.

Lots of old time hunters used the "paper plate rule". If you could put your shots near the center of a paper plate that was good enough for deer at that distance. If you could only hit the plate somewhere, then that distance was too far.

1800fps with a 109gr slug isn't bad, the .30 carbine does 1900fps with a 110gr bullet. It's accuracy from a smooth bore that limits your range.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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