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Thanks all, great input.

Because one of the reasons I'm looking at .410 is it shares food with my Taurus Judge, I have no interest in a 28 gauge. I'd have more interest in a 24 gauge simply because in the future I intend to get an antique Snider-Enfield rifle and shoot it and 24 gauge hulls work.

Unfortunately nobody makes a 24 gauge shotgun today.

I'm not a bird hunter, but rabbits/squirrels are one reason I got the Henry in .327. Not a bad caliber if they're relatively still, but when they're moving a shotgun is better and I would imagine 20 gauge is too much shot for them.

Buckshot is limited to 000 with 3, 4, or 5 pellets. That's fine for self defense, but not enough for anything in the field I'd imagine. So, what about slugs? What can a .410 slug reliably take and at what distances?
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