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General recreational shooting picts, couple years

Some of these are old hat......We have a handy 100 acres in Se Ohio, more than a few suitable places to unload including a bigger pond to the west....brightly painted short sections of 4x4 are neat water targets. I fenced out a long narrow section of pasture on the east, built a wheeled shooting table, put a garden in the other end of the area. We like casual targets; golf balls, spray paint cans, gallon cans, up to home AC canisters. Shorter ranges allow more target action, and Donna has some vision loss. Cant use scopes or red dots. While she really likes a .22 pump, she makes more hits w/bipod mounted MGs.

Lets see what pictures of our home range I can come up with.

PJH (well that didnt work, I tried to add 4 pictures via manage attachments, didnt happen.)

Donna w/Vickers.....this year.....found several tins of belted 1964 .303.

Earlier BRP/Stemple in 9mm, kinda the best all-around we have.
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