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I know these have been reconditioned and are not truly mint in the original sense, but certainly they must be worth more than a beat up K98 in fair/poor condition, right?
That depends on what the buyer is paying for. If he's paying for a good condition (reconditioned) example of a historical type, that's one thing. If he's paying for the history, that's another.

That battered rusty thing with its history intact can be worth more than a factory refinished one to the right collector. Some collectors pay for the wear and tear, if its the original finish.

Mitchell's had a reputation (I can't say if it was deserved or not) for not only being way overpriced, but also for doing "force matches". The guns looked great, but had about zilch collector value.

Sorry I can't help with current market prices, I just haven't been keeping up on them.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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