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Originally Posted by MrBot View Post
Early on in the Discussion the rest of us were warned to NOT GO OFF ON DICK'S ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT stance.
The mods work really hard to keep threads on-topic. Since they often see certain threads on certain topics veer off-topic, this was simply a warning based on previous experiences. Anyone who wanted to discuss the topic of Dick’s 2A stance was welcome to start a new thread. You could even have PMed members about that new thread in case they didn’t see it.

Originally Posted by MrBot View Post
So why do to ourselves what others would love nothing better than to do to us? Why deny Responders the free-speech right to--you guessed it--practice a little free-speech & respond?
This is a private forum. Free speech and the 1st Amendment don’t apply. The mods on TFL have every right to control what is said here, and I think the forum is better for it.

Originally Posted by MrBot View Post
I would think it would be a much better policy to give Responders more reign & allow them to Respond as they see fit.
No thanks. If I want threads that veer wildly off-topic, people who spew vitriol and insults, and constant political talk, I’ll go elsewhere. I come to TFL for civil and ordered discussions on firearms.
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