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Sillouette Small Bore Rifle

Hey all. So I dropped in to a local match just to check it out with the intention of shooting it next month as I had never shot one before. They offered me a spot on the line so I informally just felt things out, shot the stages and tried to stay out of their way. Needless today I had a blast and want to do it again. I used my Marlin 981T bolt action.22 which did fine as it is a quite accurate little rifle. Gotta say I am now looking at CZ’s and Anschutz’s though! Off hand I was not quite 100% at 75 meters and about 25% at 100. Morning caffeine got me there! I have looked into other matches and they all seem to be a good ride from here, but I am willing. If any of you guys are into this what insights can you give me? I intend to treat it like IDPA where I am really just there for fun and self improvement. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t get my competitive juices flowing when there, but I am not one to get gung ho about it either. Anyone else in SENC into this? Thanks
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