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ernie8 As someone who has actually fired one several times I tend to disagree with a lot of the guesses . They are not that hard to cock for a normal strength guy , I can see where gun Jesus would have a problem as he is kind of girly [ see ponytail ] . As usual he is a poor source of info , he does not know that the Piat he is showing has the mortar bomb adapter in it .
Yet nearly every description of the PIAT from day one describes the cocking as difficult......difficult enough that the Brits dictated that the PIAT be carried cocked but unloaded.

The piat shoots an anti-tank shaped charge bomb OR a 2 inch mortar bomb . The spring does most of the launching , the charge spends most of its power recocking the spring with the Piat bomb , it only adds a little distance . The mortar bomb does not use a charge at all .
So what exactly is the "mortar bomb"?
Is it a post WWII round?

According to the Brits, only four types of ammunition were used in the PIAT:
The following ammunition types were available in 1943.[3]
Service Bomb - "Bomb, HE/AT" Manual says green, but museum examples seem to be brown.
AT shaped charge warhead design. Supplied with the propellant cartridge fitted and the fuse separate.
Versions: Mark I, 1942, Nobels 808 plastic explosive filling, green band
Mark IA, Reinforced central tube
Mark II, Revised nose fuse
Mark III, Revised nose fuse, TNT filling, blue band
Mark IV, July 1944, Revised contruction to reduce rearward fragmentation/"back blast" of warhead explosion.

Also useful as a general purpose HE blast type round.

Drill -"Bomb, Drill/AT" Black, marked "Drill"
Same shape as a live round, for dry loading practice. Cannot be fired or dry fired.

Practice Bomb - "Shot, Practice/AT" White
Cylindrical thick steel construction, effectively a sub-calibre practice round. The PIAT requires a trough-like adapter to use it. Economical as it may be fired many times with new propellant cartridges. Trajectory slightly different to service bomb.

Inert - "Bomb, Practice Inert/AT" Black, yellow ring, marked "Inert"
Same size and weight as a live round, no warhead, but has a live propellant cartridge. It can be fired once from a standard PIAT, it is not re-usable.
I can't imagine the range of a "mortar bomb" powered only by the spring action of the PIAT. The range must be measured in feet, not yards.

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