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5) The fingerprints I got done at my local police HQ. I actually was talking to an officer a few days prior about his form1 build... he wasn't sure if I needed them for the form4 or not, but recommended to get them done just incase. local police HQ cards worked fine for him.
ATF wants you to use the standard FD 258 cards with the ATF NFA ORI. If you use the local PD cards with local PD ORI you run the risk of the FBI returning your prints to the local PD. ATF usually catches wrong ORI's on FP cards and pastes over a correction tab. But if they miss yours, you're going to be waiting a very, very, very long time for your tax stamp.

So do this before you send in your FP cards.....put the correct ATF ORI over the local PD ORI.
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