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AERacing1813 Before I send off my paperwork to obtain an SBR, I just want to make sure I have everything I need. I've looked around google and I find a lot of different things, I'd like some feed back from someone who's been in the similar situation
Although instructions are on the Form in detail, the instructions on AR15 are better:

So, I'm looking to purchase an SBR off a friend of mine, he's selling as an Individual, I'm buying as a individual, no trust on either of us. will be purchasing it with cash, and bill of sale. State we live in is Arkansas.
1. Is it a rare SBR?
2. Is it a factory SBR?

I ask because it's the same $200 whether you make your own (a Form 1) or transfer (via Form 4).
If the seller was the maker, he was supposed to engrave his name and location on the firearm. That diminishes the value for most. If a factory SBR it will be engraved or marked by the manufacturer.
If the seller didn't engrave that gun don't buy it.

I believe I just send in the 2 copies of the form4 (1 for ATF, 1 to return) to the listed address on top of it, along with passport photos paper clipped to both copes sent to the ATF, and mail off the CLEO pages to my local county sheriff?
Correct. Be aware that ATF recently changed the address you mail use their current forms.

I never recommend mailing Forms to any local CLEO, always to the head of state police. Silencer Shop does the same.

I read to do payment by credit/debt card that way the payment can be tracked compared to a money order, so thats my plan of payment.
I highly recommend paying by personal check. I have had no less than ten Form 4's kicked back because the bank clerk mistyped the CC number.

- I also got my finger prints done at the local police HQ just incase since theyre free (FD-258), I got 2 copies, who gets them, if any?
Read the instructions again. (ATF get them)
Did you use that PD's cards or order your own from ATF?
That's important because ATF wants the NFA Branch ORI, not your local PD ORI.

Am I missing anything? from what I find on google, what I have should do, I just want to double double check before I send it off, and I don't really want to bother the gun shops more then I already since they're not making any $ off me this time
Random googling rarely gets you the correct info.
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