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Exceptional Customer Service ...

As a tinkerer, hobbyist, I find myself ordering parts from here and there for various builds and wanted to share some of the companies I've received excellent customer service from:
First and foremost: Ballistic Advantage. Those folks would cut out their own kidney and donate it to you if you needed them to.
Next: Primary Arms, the good townsfolk at Primary Arms would cut out a vital organ for you as well. Maybe not their own, but they'd go the extra mile to find you one either way.
In a very close third place is AR15Discounts. I've found their customer service to be excellent as well, fast response to emails, and I even had a custom cerakote request which they were willing to entertain.
Hot on their heels is RightToBear which I've also had very good customer service from. Fast shipping.
Anderson Manufacturing: While a very large company, I've had some surprisingly good customer service experiences with them. Had a part or two I had to return under warranty, sent pics, and the service rep got everything handle quickly and I had new parts in a week.
Oh, I almost forgot, Odin Works !! I've had a few of their products and had to call for tech assist, and they're been very good about getting a tech on the phone ( I think it's the guy who does their YouTube videos) to answer my tech questions.
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